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Spin-Off Profiles 1994
Entrepreneurs Association-CBET List
PricewaterhouseCoopers Economic Impact Study
uwR research

724 Solutions Inc.
A Song For You
A.J. Robinson & Associates Inc.
Able-One Systems Inc.
AbovePlan Corporation
Acronym Software Inc.
Advanced Computer Solutions Inc.
Advanced Glazings Ltd.
Advanced Scientific Computing Ltd.
Adventus Interactive
Aea Technology Engineering Software Ltd.
Agile Systems Inc.
Algonquin Power Corporation Inc.
Algorithmics Inc.
Alliance Technologies Corporation
AltoCom Inc.
Analogy Inc.
Ankh Technologies Incorporated
Apollo Photonics Inc.
Applied Financial Systems Inc.
Archelon Inc.
Architech Microsystems Inc
Arcturus Environmental
Arise Technologies Corp.
Arius Software Corp.
Astebro Bernhardt Ltd.
Atec Marketing Limited
Avantel Consulting Inc.
B & M Associates
Babensee Controls Engineering
Barbara Butler & Associates Inc.Management Consultants
Baxter Verticut Inc.
Baylis Medical Company Inc.
Bedi Engineering And Software Solutions Inc.
Big Time Design and Communication
Biomedical Photometrics Inc.
Biorem Technologies Inc.
Biztro - Rivio
Bluenexus Software
Blueskies Yoga
Bradford Computype Incorporated
Braun Consulting Engineers Ltd.
BrightBlocks Inc.
Brose & Co.
Brownfield Revolution Inc.
Brykman Developments Inc.
Butterfly Learning Centre
Byte Craft Limited
C.S. Trudel & Associates
CablesEdge Software
Cacheflow Inc.
Calico Garden And Gift
Canadian Innovation Centre
Canadian Posture and Seating Centre (1988) Inc.
Carp Systems International
Casesys Application Design & Development Services
Catherine Mather & Associates Consultants Inc. (Cmac)
Certicom Corporation
Chall-Eng Services Inc.
Chapman Software Design Incorporated
Charleson Communications
Chevron Environmental Management Co.
Chinook Chemicals Company
Christian Institute For Employment
CiRBA Inc.
Cme Telemetrix Inc.
College & University Explorations
Comptrol Computer Control Incorporated
Conestoga Rovers & Associates Limited (Cra)
Congress Canada
Connect Tech Inc.
Conor Pacific Environmental
Control Advancements Canada Inc.
Corman Technologies Incorporated
Crystal Decisions
Curry Hydrocarbons Inc.
Cymfony, Inc.
D.G. Henderson & Associates Limited
Dalsa Inc.
Dantec Systems Coporation
Data Preceptions Inc.
Dechutes County Community Development
Denco Engineering Ltd.
Descartes Systems Group Inc.
Dickson Hall & Associates Ltd.
Digital Cavalry
Digital Extremes
Digital Tempest Productions
Diochem Corporation
DPoint Technologies Inc.
Dsp Factory
Ecoplans Limited
Efficiency Engineering Inc.
EMJ Data Systems Limited
Energen Innovations
Enermodal Engineering Limited
Enervac Corporation
Engineers Without Borders
Ensim Corporation
Entrust Technologies Ltd.
EnviroMetal Technologies Inc.
Envision Sustainability Tools Inc.
Equist Inc.
Ergyne Technologies Group
Eurodata Inc.
Farsightech Inc.
Fleet Technology Ltd.
Fleming Systems Corporation
Footprint Software Inc.
Forensic Environmental
Foundation Software Inc.
Freedom Intelligence
Fresco Microchip Inc.
Fullerton Sherwood Engineering Ltd.
Further Ahead Inc.
Gallery Ellipsis
Gateway Group
Geac Computer Corp.
Glen Schnarr And Associates
Global Fiber Optics
Granite Systems
Gren Weis Architect & Associates
Gutter Press
Harbinger Gallery
Hastings, Boulding And Correia
Hayes Microsystems Inc.
Hendershot Media Services
Henderson Paddon & Associates Limited
Hilderman Witty Crosby Hanna & Associates
Holt Software Associates Inc
HomeNet Communications
HookUp Communication Corp.
HotHaus Technologies
Hypercube, Inc.
Ice Biotech Inc.
Iceberg Research
Ignus Innovations Inc.
Illumina Partners Inc.
Image Processing Systems Inc.
Imara Research
Impact Entrepreneurship Group
Impress Image Compression Inc.
Inaugura Business Systems
Independence Technologies
Inkpot Software Inc.
Inline Internet Systems, Inc.
Inscriber Technology Corporation
Inspec-Sol Environment Inc.
Insurance Services Inc.
Intelligent Market Solutions Group Inc.
Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc. (IMS)
Interactive Software Inc. (Isi)
InterLogic Systems
International Retrieval Systems Corporation
International Telepresence Corporation
Ionic Engineering Limited
isann Inc.
Ivara Corp.
J. & W. McMichael Software inc.
J.E.Boritz Consultants Limited
J.L. Cox Planning Consultants
J.P. Braaksma
Jacques Whitford Environment Ltd.
Jaldi Semiconductor
James S. Campbell Limited
James W. Schmidt Associates Inc.
Janna Systems Inc.
Jedor Inc.
Joint Technology Corporation
Kealia Inc.
Kiia Architecture
Kimotion Technologies
Kinetic Computer Corporation
Kinetic Systems Inc.
Kinitos Inc.
Kl Group Inc.
Knudsen Engineering Limited
Kofman Engineering Services Ltd.
Kronos Software
L. Forrest Mechanical Inc.
Labstat Incorporated
Landsborough Printing Limited
Lavasound Software Channels
Ldk Engineering Inc.
Links For Like
Live Pages Inc.
Livepage Corporation
Logan Resources Ltd.
Loon in Balloon Inc.
Lystek International
Mabel's Labels
Macaulay Shiomi Howson Ltd.
Macnaughton Hermsen Britton Clarkson Planning Ltd.
Map Connections Inc.
Mark L. Dorfman Planner Inc.
Marshall Macklin Monaghan Limited
Mat-Cor Engineering Limited
Materials And Manufacturing Ontario (Mmo), The Promontory Ii
Maunder Britnell Inc.
Mcknight's Flowershoppe Inc.
McNeely-Tunnock Ltd.
Mdt Technology Ltd.
Meikle Automation Inc.
Mercator Robotec
Meritech Capital
Metalon Technology Limited
Mfam Limited
Microanalysis Limited
Microanalytics Limited
Microstar Software Limited
Mind Over Math
Mitra Imaging Inc.
Miya Engineering
Mobius Encryption Technologies
Möbius Encryption Technologies (Formerly Cryptech Systems Inc.)
Model Science Software
Molecular Mining
Monteith Zelinka Limited
Mortice Kern Systems Inc. (Mks)
Mpb Technologies
Mukunda Instruments
Nabu Manufacturing Corp.
National Corporate Name Clearance Co.
Nature's Own
Neo Tilt
NeoEdge Networks
Net Integration Technologies Inc.
Network Appliance, Inc.
Nexsys Consulting Inc.
Next Page
Nicolini Construction Inc.
Nidak Associates
Northern Digital Inc.
Northern Spectronics Incorporated
Nulogy Corporation
Numerical Logics Inc.
Nuvation Lab
NVE Royalty Trust
O'Connor Associates Environmental Inc.
Octagon Realty
OctigaBay Systems Corp.
Odyssey Corporation
OnCorp Direct Inc.
Open Lava Software Inc.
Open Options Corporation
Open Text Corporation
Opensoft Inc.
Optim Corporation
Panasas Inc.
Paragon Engineering Limited
Parallelspace Corporation
Pattern Discovery Software Systems Inc.
Pavement Management Systems Limited (Pmsl)
PayLoad Systems
PC Automation Incorporated
Petrozyme Technologies Inc.
Philips Analytical, A Division Of Philips Electronics Ltd.
Photographic Memory
Pickard Technologies Inc.
Pixstream Inc.
Plazmic Inc.
Port City Dance Academy
Powerlasers Ltd.
Powersoft Corporation
Practical Approach Corporation
Precidia Technologies
Procept Associates Ltd.
PROFIT Consultants
Psb Speakers
Pulse Microsystems Ltd
QNX Software Systems, Inc
RapidLabs (Rapid Laboratory Microsystems Inc.)
Rapid Mind
R.V. Anderson Associates Limited
RDM Corporation
Recovered Pulp Technologies (RPT) Inc.
Redknee Inc.
Research In Motion Limited
Richard Dray Engineering Inc.
Robb Engineering
Roerig And Hsu Limited
Rush Hydraulic Pneumatic Inc.
S.M.W. Engineering Inc.
Scaleable Software Solutions Inc.
Schroeder Engineering Consultants Limited
Sciemetric Instruments Inc.
Scott Canada
Sendex Environmental Corp.
Senesco Technologies Inc
Septech Environmental
Serdek Automated Systems Inc.
Serious Hack Inc.
Sheffield & Schorn Limited
Siborg Systems Inc.
Side Effect Software
Sigma-Aldrich Canada Ltd.
Slade Eng. System Limited
SlipStream Data Inc.
Snipe Network Security
Softart Microsystems Inc.
Softbank Marketing Solutions
Software Innovations Inc.
Software Metrics Inc.
Solinst Canada Ltd.
Sonic Environmental Systems
Sonrise Records
Spark Matrix
Spectronic Plating Corp.
Spicer Corporation
spinleaf solutions
Stantec Inc.
Sterner Automation
Strategic Prosperity Corporation
Straticom Planning Associates Inc.
Sunspire Studios
Surrealty Corp.
Sweet Dreams Tea Shop
Swing Media
SwitchView Inc.
Sybase Canada Ltd.
Symphonica Dance Company
Sze Straka Engineers Limited
Taiwan Connection
Talent Lab
Tangam Gaming Technology Inc.
Tds Dixon Inc.
Technology Transfer Institute
Terraqua Investigations Ltd.
Terry Douglas Sales Ltd.
The Bicycle Forest
The Butler Group (Consultants) Inc.
The Galileo Group Inc.
The Goodie Basket Company
The Intel-X Group Inc.
The Paul Witzel Corporation
The Watcom Group Inc.
Thinkage Ltd.
Thomson Traffic Engineers Inc. (Tte)
TimeStep Corp.
Trafford Publishing
Transgaming Technologies
Transient Engineering Inc.
TRD Internet Systems
triOS Training Centers
Trip the Light Productions
True North Software, Inc.
True Spectra
TRUGER Technologies Inc.
Trusted Testimonials Inc.
Turbosonic Technologies Inc.
Turbotak Ltd.
Turkstra Lumber Company Limited
Union Electrica-Fenosa
Vertical Sky
Video Locus
Video Works Inc
Virtek Vision Corporation
Visiblemathcentre For Mathematical S/W Applications
VMP Technologies
Volker-Craig Technologies Ltd.
WATCOM International Corporation
Waterloo Barrier Inc.
Waterloo Biofilter Systems Inc.
Waterloo Distance Education Inc.
Waterloo Engineering Software (Wes)
Waterloo Geoscience Consultants Ltd.
Waterloo Groundwater Control Technologies Inc.
Waterloo Hydrogeologic Inc.
Waterloo Information Systems Ltd.
Waterloo Maple Software Inc. (WMS)
Waterloo Microsystems Inc.
Waterloo Scientific Inc.
Watermark Initiatives Inc.
Watlan Inc.
Wde Inc.
Web Pearls Inc.
Wescam Inc.
whatIf? Technologies
Wiebe Engineering Group Inc.
Wildbear Consulting, Inc.
Willis Energy Services Ltd.
WipWare Inc.
Wired 2000 Corporation
WiseUncle Inc.
WordWork Associates Limited
Worldview Technology Partners
XcelBeam Technologies
XJ Partners Inc
York Mobile Networks Inc.
Your Expression
Zakutin Technology Inc.
Zebroski Associates Limited Architects